Soziologie-ein fliegender Holländer?

Soziologie- ein fliegender Holländer?

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Samstag, 5. August 2017

Der Mensch, der lernfähigste Affe!

Der Mensch, das soziale, symbolisch gesteuerte Tier!!

Eine wunderbare Demonstration der unbewussten Steuerung menschlichen Verhaltens und einer der wesentlichen sozialpsychologischen Grundlagen meiner sozialrealistischen Soziologie des Unbewussten!

"Social conformity is an interesting aspect of human behavior, because its so tremendously more powerful than most people realize.  It is able to quickly shape the actions and even thoughts and ideas of people exposed to group behaviors or thoughts.  It has a lot to do with the bystander effect and many other seemingly irrational behaviors.

This little experiment looks at just whats going on with people exposed to group behavior.  The unaware test subject entered an optometrists waiting room full of other patients.  Shortly after sitting down, a beep played in the waiting room, and everyone else stood up, then sat back down.  After just three beeps, the subject joined in, standing and then sitting, with absolutely no idea why she was doing it.

Where it gets even more interesting is that even after every other person in the waiting room had been called away and she was the only one left in the room, she continued to stand each time she heard the beep.  And when other unsuspecting people came in, she actually managed to get all of them doing it too creating the social norm for them that she had been exposed to herself before, while still having absolutely no idea why.

If everyone else was jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you too?  Well, yes, mom, apparently theres a reasonable chance I probably would.  OK, maybe not me specifically, considering I have a tendency to behave somewhat independently of norms anyway (much to my wifes chagrin), but still  Herd mentality is alive and well it seems."

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